Residential Building Permit & Procedures

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Plan Submission and Review

The applicant will provide to the City of Carthage three (3) sets of plans for the project. Plans to include layout of structure, dimensions of the structure, and room(s) labeled. A sketch will also need to be provided that includes the new structure and the distance from the property line and/or any other structures on the property. These plans should be submitted with a completed permit application. A City of Carthage inspector will perform a plan review and return the results to City Hall within five (5) business days. Following review, one set of plans will be returned with any notations if applicable regarding compliance with International Residential Code and/or adopted codes for the City of Carthage. Plans may be issued to the applicant along with the permit or returned to the applicant for necessary corrections. When revisions have been made to plans requiring corrections, the plans will have to be re-submitted. Three (3) sets of plans will be provided to the City of Carthage. Again, an inspector for the City of Carthage will perform a plan review and return following the same procedures as stated earlier.

Building Permit and Inspection

The building permit shall be in a container to protect it from the weather and located at the front of the job-site. Building Permit has to be assessable for inspectors to sign the appropriate area after completing inspection. Inspections must be requested and performed as detailed on the Building Permit. It shall be the duty of the permit holder or their agent to notify that such work is ready for inspection as per section R109.3. Inspections shall be requested through City Hall (903 693-3869, ext. 12) before 4:00 PM and will be performed no later than the following business day. Inspections will be performed Monday through Friday except on holidays. All re-inspection fees must be paid prior to the request of any further inspections.


The City of Carthage requires that the plumbing and electrical be finalized before structure can be occupied. At this time, applicant will also be responsible for settling any balances and/or charges for any inspections. No final approved until such balances have been cleared.