Community Overview

Panola County is adjacent to the Louisiana border, 42 miles west of Shreveport, Louisiana, 196 miles north of Houston, and 168 miles east of Dallas. The county is in the East Texas Piney Woods. Carthage is the county seat. The Piney Woods is a terrestrial ecoregion in the Southern United States covering portions of East Texas, Southern Arkansas, Western Louisiana, and Southeastern Oklahoma. This coniferous forest is dominated by several species of pine, including Longleaf Pine, Shortleaf Pine and Loblolly Pine, as well as several varieties of hardwoods including Hickory and Oak. The World Wide Fund for Nature considers the Piney Woods to be one of the critically endangered ecoregions of the United States. Wisteria is also commonplace and can cover entire groves of trees in the wild. Flowering species of tree, such as Dogwood and the Eastern Redbud are also now common in the wild.