Procedure for Issuance of Building Permits & Water/Sewer Taps

Building permits and water/sewer taps will be issued simultaneously. Field dirt and batter boards may be installed upon issuance of the permits. No plumbing may be initiated until the city either marks the location of the taps and the depth, or has installed them. The blue slip should go out with the permits.

Electrician License - must have copy of State Contractor's and Electrician license and photo ID - must have both to pull permit.

Journeyman Electricians must have state license and photo ID.

Mechanical License - must have copy of state license and photo ID

Plumber's License - must have copy of state license and photo ID

Water off over 90 days requires a private cutoff before water is turned on.
Water off over 1 year requires a water service inspection.

Electricity off over 90 days requires inspection.

Any new mobile home must have a skirting agreement.

January 13, 2005    Any new sprinkler system must have an inspection of the RPZ valve at installation. Any new RPZ valve on an existing sprinkler system must be inspected only at installation. No annual RPZ inspection is required on a sprinkler system.

For information, contact David Thompson, 903.693.8544.

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